Going Nuts Over Coconuts

And that’s me! I love any food that has coconut in it, whether it is just plain coconut water (which we drink at least twice a week), coconut milk (I can gulp down a cup, great stress buster for me haha!), grated coconut, fresh coconut flesh, curries with lots of coconut milk, DESSERTS made with generous amount of coconut milk, kaya (coconut jam), coconut cookies, cakes that have coconut as one of the ingredients, you name it! Yesterday morning I bought a packet of coconut milk and a packet of grated coconut. The coconut milk was for my order to my mil for pandan-coconut chiffon cake. Yep, my girls and I love pandan-coconut chiffon cake to bits and I have been requesting my mil to bake it for us every week. The grated coconut was to be eaten with steamed lin goe (sticky glutinous rice cake from CNY).  I tell you, nothing beats stress better than eating all my favourite food!!

With the surplus of grated coconut meat, I sprinkled some on my butter on toast for breakfast!

Grated coconut meat on a slice of mil’s homemade pumpkin wholemeal bread with butter, super YUMS! And my baby girl loved it just as much as I did.  Quirky hor?

Wait, more quirkiness… since there was still half a packet of grated coconut meat left by evening, I sprinkled some on my daughters’ dinner, consisting of rice, grilled salmon fish, onion omelette and organic purple long beans, the concoction tasted like nasi kerabu!

I’ll bet no one has done this before. Stuffing myself happy with COCONUT can indeed help me beat the blues and stress before I go nuts! And do you know that coconut oil is one of the super food with tremendous health benefits? I’ll bet you don’t know yet. I’ll be writing a post on the health benefits of coconuts in my health blog soon.

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