Our Sunday – 29 April 2012

We had buffet lunch at the Living Room Coffee House @ Westin Hotel in KL today. We have not had buffet lunches and dinners for quite some time and if not because of the free voucher (hubs is a member of the Starwood Privilege Club) that was expiring tomorrow, we would not have gone for a buffet lunch today. As we age, my hubs and I feel that we could no longer pig out like we used to years ago. We find that our stomachs can no longer hold so much food now. Could it be that our metabolic rate and digestion system are slowing down as we age? Years ago when Alycia and Sherilyn were still toddlers, we would indulge in buffet lunches every weekend on end at different hotels as we only needed to pay for the price of one person with the hotel membership card that hubs held. Toddlers got to eat for free then and even now. The food from the buffet lunch today was not fantastic and we find that it is not worth almost RM100 (with taxes) per person. I ate like a cat (as none of the dishes there seemed to excite my palate) and left feeling bloated and nauseous (caused partly by the frigging hot weather today). Hubs asked if I was pregnant to which I said “CHOI!!!” That will be a nightmare to me now and did I tell you that I actually had a dream of seeing our fertility gynae who confirmed that I was pregnant about 2 weeks ago? Gosh I woke up with such huge relief realizing that it was only a dream, though I know my hubs is actually hoping that it would come true *horror!!*

Check out the silly grin from the clown of our family. She made silly faces in all the pictures!

Back home, pre-exam revision with Alycia and Sherilyn continues up until now. It ain’t easy to coach a Primary 1 and a Primary 3 kid simultaneously (both Aly and Sher are sitting for their mid-year exam on the same dates) with a demanding 4-year old fussing and trying her best to grab mummy’s attention too… on top of running an online store, maintaining 3 blogs and writing ads. Super duper stress to the max! Can’t wait to retire and enjoy my care-free retirement days haha!

Have a superb new week ahead everyone! I wish mine will be stress-free and smooth-sailing 🙂

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