Throes of Motherhood… Bad Day

First I received an email from my local supplier breaking the most dreaded news to me – that 10 lots of her kids clothes stock are not in the consignment. Either the overseas supplier had left them out or they were stolen. The consignment of stock has been delayed for 3 weeks now due to some picketing at the Customs Dept. Now, I am told that some of the stock are lost!  When it rains, it sure pours man!!  I am badly affected as I had ordered quite a bit of stock from my supplier. She is now checking her order list and will let me know how seriously I am affected. I’ll bet I will hear such comments as“WHAT, you made me wait so long and now you tell me no stock?? I want a refund?!!!” from some of my difficult customers who have been chasing me daily. What can I say? I have to face the music. It is never easy to be in a business that deals with people. God help me handle these customers professionally.

This morning, I had woken up 15 minutes earlier to ensure that Alycia and Sherilyn wake up earlier.  Last night, they had asked me to wake them up earlier this morning so that they could go through their Mandarin subject notes. Today is their Mandarin subject test. Alycia has a phobia of Han Yu Pin Yin and wants to go through her notes this morning. Sherilyn asked me to wake her up earlier so that she could tie a neat bun as her hair is getting long and touching the collar of her shirt. They had gone to the lobby at 6:25am to wait for the transporter but after fifteen minutes, my maid is still not back yet. Twenty minutes on still not back yet. Then Berlyn’s mother called me and asked what happened to the transporter. Bids me I want to know too. The transporter was half an hour late today! Apparently, she had misplaced her mobile phone and was hunting for it, DUH!  My poor Alycia will surely have to face the wrath of the teacher in charged of the school prefects. I just have a feeling that Alycia ain’t going to pass her probation as a prefect as she arrived in school late for 2-3 times already ever since she was selected to be a prefect on probation.  It is totally of no fault of hers. What can I say?   If it’s not hers to hold, then let it be. I do not want the both of us to feel stressed up.   Just hope that for the rest of today, everything else will fall into place just like how I want it to be. And I pray that Alycia and Sherilyn will fare well in their Mandarin papers today.

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