Homemade Goodies With TLC

Whilst I was busy doing revision with Alycia and Sherilyn on Sunday, my mil kept herself busy in the kitchen the whole day.  She cooked a pot of red bean-lotus seeds-pandan leaves tong sui, baked 2 trays of green tea red bean buns and also baked a tray of Spanish Magdalenas!  She also whipped up some fabulous dishes for dinner that night. The next day, she baked some wholemeal buns and a loaf of wholemeal bread so that the kids can bring fresh bread to school.  All these she made with TLC.  After all,  one of the best ways to lift a person’s mood is through good food, agree? We’re blessed 😀   And not to mention all these good food lift a person’s weight too, definitely!!

Red bean tong sui boiled using my mil’s Le Creuset pot…

Comfort food for little tummies… green tea red bean buns and sumptuous Magdalenas…

Green tea buns oozing with goodness…

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9 thoughts on “Homemade Goodies With TLC

  1. Syn, Spanish Magdalenas are the ‘guai lo’ version of ‘malai goe’. The batter has to be left in the fridge over night to ferment. Tastes like cake and texture a little like Chinese malai goe, very yummy 🙂

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