The Eve Of The Girls’ Final Exam

On the eve of Alycia and Sherilyn’s exam, we had a pretty relaxing Sunday.   We had lunch at Antipodean @ Menara Tan & Tan.

While waiting for the food to arrive, Alycia and Sherilyn worked on their workbooks.  Monkey see monkey do — Cass also kept herself busy by writing pages of her Chinese name and tons of  Chinese characters which were all written in the wrong order and strokes LOL!

After lunch, we did grocery shopping at Isetan @ KLCC.   After shopping, the girls napped in the car all the way home.  And back home, I did some light revision with them.  The girls had sushi that I bought from Isetan for dinner.

This week was a hectic week with tuition and revision… and today is the last day of their exam. YAY, I am SO SO happy and relieved.  The corrosive guilt  I have whenever I spend too much time doing house chores or on my online work vs. doing revision with them is torture.  Next week will be another crack-up week  for me as they will be bringing home their TEST PAPERS and possibly report card!!  And I am going to go through this for at least 17 more long years!

Banana pancake with caramel sauce, Burmese salad, creamy pasta and everyone’s favorite – sausages!

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