Lunch At Tapas Bistro & Bar @ Micasa All Suite Hotel, KL

After Alycia’s appointment with the orthodontist near KLCC on Saturday, we were hunting for a decent place to have something light.  Alycia and Cass suggested sandwiches, so daddy stopped by a few places to check out and in the end, we settled for Tapas Bistro & Bar @ Micasa All Suite Hotel.  That was our very first time dining in this decades old hotel and I was initially skeptical on the quality and choice of food. But I was wrong.  We were all very satisfied with this cozy place and the food was great too.

Hungry baby gulping down a bowl of creamy mushroom soup before walloping my luscious charbroiled chicken and daddy’s grilled chicken sandwich.  This pint size baby girl has a ravenous appetite!   As for those fat and oil-laden fries on our 2 plates of main course, they were only allowed a few sticks each and the rest – tapau back for our guards’ as snacks.

My luscious and tender charbroiled chicken. Very flavorful and meat was not dry and tough at all. Rating on HFM’s food scale is 9/10!

Daddy’s omelette on a bed of fries…

Hungry, happy girls before digging into the decadent food.  Sherilyn had to stay home as she had ballet class to attend.

Would definitely pay this cozy place a visit again after Alycia’s next appointment with the orthodontist in February next year 😀

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