Getaway at Hilton Sentral (26 – 27 Oct 2012)

We got back from our short getaway at Hilton Sentral this afternoon and my batteries are now at full bars!  We spent our 1.5 days eating and eating and watching TV.  I had a good bonding time with Alycia and Sherilyn watching The Voice, US Season 3,  for hours * bliss *

My 2 little earnest models, donning on clothes that mummy sells in her online store…  These days, rascal #2 prefers to smile with her mouth closed as her 2 front teeth are still missing.

Hello Kitty gals!  Alycia with her fake smile as she was forced by tiger mummy to pose LOL!  Did I  tell you that she hates to be photographed?

The girls having snacks of yummy cookies, cakes, sandwiches, assortment of chocolates, fruits, juices and pastries at the Executive Lounge.

Sherilyn enjoying her bowl of mushroom soup during dinner at the coffee house

View of the pool area taken from our bedroom on the 16th floor.  Alycia and Sherilyn went up and down the S shaped slide for more than 50 times this morning.    Daddy brought Cass down the slide for the first time yesterday evening and during landing, daddy and Cass went under water for almost 5 seconds.  My heart beat flat-lined for almost 10 seconds.  When Cass was finally out from the water, she was in a shock and told daddy that she wanted to puke. She must have gulped down mouthfuls of the dirty pool water.  And daddy’s heavy body weight must have brought her down underwater together!  Coz no one else went underwater during landing lol!  Ever since that incident, Cass has now developed a phobia of going down the slide.

The 2 vain pots.

Cass in her pink rabbit swimsuit from mummy’s online store too.

Roaring mummy in a long leopard print dress with a leopard print handbag…. all from my online store too.  Leopard print is in the vogue now!  I should have brought along my leopard boots too, just kidding 😀

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