Silver Lining Behind My Dark Cloud

Now that I have limited movements and usage on my injured hands, I have no choice but to rely on the little ones at home.  My girls have been pretty obedient since yesterday — helping to wash their own cups and plates after meals,  Cass bathed herself with me standing next to her telling her what to do, whilst Alycia helped me to towel dry Cass, put baby oil on her baby sister, combed her hair and helped Cass to put on a diaper before bedtime.  It’s really heartwarming to see my angels roping in to help me in dire straits.  I could even muster a laugh towards bed time.  I was feeling really down and in great pain the whole of yesterday but when I saw how my girls had helped me and cheering me on when I screamed out in pain during dressing of my wound (I cleaned the wound with alcohol swab, super OUCH!!), I got comfort and solace from my 3 cuties.    Even the mil asked me not to wash the dishes but stubborn me just cannot stand the oily floor after cooking. So I wore 2 layers of gloves (a pair of disposable plastic gloves followed by a pair of disposable rubber gloves) when I moped the floor and did simple chores…  in slow motion.  Today, my whole body felt as if I had carried 10kg of weights in the gym yesterday and I could barely stretch my hands to scratch my back!  The impact of the fall, landing my hands on hard, pokey tarred road had not only caused exposed wound but aches all over my body.

Alycia sacrificing 10 mins of her sleep time last night to help me wash Cass’ cup after her sister finished drinking soy bean milk. She also lent me a hand when I dressed up  my wound… while Cass and Sher cheered on and kissed me.

My filial daughter helping Cass to get ready  for bed last night. She was combing Cass’ hair here.

Fresh exposed flesh… as painful as my 3 C-sect ops!

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