Low Blood Pressure

I hate the feeling I get whenever I stand up after squatting down for a short period of time. I feel light-hearted, have momentarily partial blackouts, am unable to walk straight and feel faintish. Sometimes I will bend down (with my head touching my knees) after standing up from a squatting position so that blood reaches my head and I would not get those partial blackouts and dizzy feeling. Lately, I feel really lethargic and lack stamina too when I work out in the morning. It must be a combination of several factors that causes this and low blood pressure is just one.

My blood pressure has always been on the low side, even during pregnancy when many expectant mothers would experience high blood pressure. My gynae used to joke with me on my low blood pressure, telling me that it is better to have low blood pressure than high. But happy not I should as extreme low blood pressure can be hazardous too. Some of the symptoms of low blood pressure are dizziness, lightheartedness, a tendency to faint, pain in the chest, black or maroon colored stools, irregular heart beat, headache (which I get whenever I am stressed to the max), back pain or stiff neck (I suffer from these two disorders all the time), consistent high fever, wheezing and burning sensation when urinating.  And severely low blood pressure from any cause can deprive your body of enough oxygen to carry out its normal functions, leading to damage to your heart and brain. If low blood pressure causes lack of blood flow to the organs of the body, then those organs will start to fail. This may result in stroke, heart attack and kidney failure. Scary facts eh?

With three girls who challenge me mentally, physically and emotionally all the time, my blood pressure should be shooting sky high and I wonder why it is still not? LOL! It must be the daily consumption of green tea that is bringing my blood pressure down. I have not checked my blood pressure for quite some time. Perhaps, I should use one of the MIL’s blood pressure monitors to check my pressure tonight. With the increased stress ever since the maid left, my blood pressure should have a rise. I’ll see tonight!

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