Would you pay your kids to do housework?

Our part-time helper (who is the hubs’ kitchen helper) will not be coming to help us in the morning for the next few days, starting from today.   And today has been an extremely busy day for me as today is a day that I am receiving stock from all my suppliers.   Nonetheless, I can still squeeze out some time to update my blogs as I’ve always find that blogging helps to squeeze out the stress from my within.  So I enlisted the help of my most reliable daughter to help me wash the dishes and mop the floor. And I paid Alycia RM5 for it.

My kids will help around the house but sometimes, they will do the chores reluctantly. Money has always been a good motivator for Alycia and Sherilyn.  Alycia uses the money from rewards to buy comics and books that she likes.  The mil ain’t too happy that I used money to reward Alycia for doing housework.  I do not really encourage paying kids to help me but if it can take the stress and burden off me, why not? And it is better to channel my money to my own kids than to a part-time maid who costs way more. Tsk tsk, my mum used to pay me to wash the bathrooms too when I was a teenager ;P

Would you pay your kids to have housework done?

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