Cassandra’s 1st Art Piece From Art Class

Cass attended her very first art class last Friday.  Her excitement in attending her very first art class was shown all over her, which she took no effort to contain.  The day before her art class, she kept asking me if I was really, really sending her for art class.  And I took advantage of this to bribe her to get things done, without fuss!  On the day of the art class, as we were walking to the art teacher’s unit, Cass gave me a really HUGE  ‘I can’t wait’ grin.

1.5 hours later, this is what she produced:

Not bad eh?  The art teacher was taken by surprise that a 4.5yo girl could produce this piece, which she said many of her 4-5YO students could not.   She did this with very minimal supervision from the art teacher.  My baby girl must have been observing how her 2 che ches paint and draw at home. Plus she must have regurgitated all that she had videotaped in her head whenever we bring her to art exhibitions.

Good job Cass! Mummy’s really proud of your art work.

Cassandra at 4 years 7 months and she can’t wait to attend the next art class!

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