Of Sherilyn And Eventful Tooth Shedding Moments

Remember I wrote about Sherilyn and all of her very eventful tooth shedding moments?  Well, she shed another shaky tooth that had been bothering her for months just shortly after we reached Ipoh at my parents.  And just like previous incidences, this one was very eventful and hilarious again!  This girl is naturally a clown and a tear jerker too.  That shaky tooth had also been obstructing her each time she ate, which made her complete her meals even longer.  She is already a habitual slow eater who used to take 1-2 hours to finish her meals!

Anyway, this time, it was me again who almost yanked off the shaky tooth when I shoved a slice of orange into her mouth.  This girl has an issue with eating fruits and as I was shoving the slice of orange into her mouth, the orange almost yanked off her tooth.  But she did not scream blue murder and yell at me, albeit she was bleeding profusely in her gums. I dared not take a closer look as it was just too bloody. Thank God for grannies and my mum came to our rescue. On the pretext of checking out her tooth after giving her a piece of gauze to bite on, brave granny pulled out the tooth with her bare hand, effortlessly!! Everyone cheered and laughed just like in previous tooth shedding moments from this rascal.  LOL!!


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