Short-Lived Joy

I was truly thankful when I found an Indon helper to come to my place to help with the dishes and some house chores last week. With the mil’s baking and daily cooking, the dishes, pots, pans and baking equipment are a handful to handle. And doing the dishes is one area which I absolutely hate! Sometimes she washes them and at times, I will help out. This chore is really tiring us out, especially me as I am also working from home. So when this helper came for 3 nights last week, I could not be happier and thankful. I treated this helper really well and gave her tips each time she came. However, my joy was short-lived just after 3 days. This helper claimed that she injured her hand as it was squashed by the door of an elevator at the condo that she was working as a cleaner. I have a feeling that she does not want to work for me anymore and she had cooked up this story. Oh well, I should give her a benefit of the doubt. I guess she is already too jaded by the time she comes to my place at 7:30pm as she has a full-time job as a cleaner.

This morning, I thought I have found a replacement helper. I met an Indon lady at a roadside stall.  She helps her mother sell nasi lemak at the stall every morning.  On my way back to the condo just now, I bumped into another Indon lady whom I have known for over 5 years. She told me that I should reconsider hiring that  Indon lady as her husband has just been out from a rehab centre like the Morningside Recovery. Well, I know that this will have no bearing on her work but still, it is advisable not to hire someone who has a husband who was once a drug addict.

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