Where’s The Tooth Fairy?

It’s been 5 days since Sherilyn shed one of her baby teeth.  She had placed her tooth inside a pill plastic bag and left the bag inside the bedroom but day after day, there was no sign of the tooth fairy.  She asked me why the tooth fairy hasn’t come to place a dollar under her pillow and Cass answered her with this “there is NO real tooth fairy!!  Mummy is the tooth fairy!” LOL!   Forgetful mummy just keeps forgetting to place a dollar under the pillow. Sher looked really disappointed that the tooth fairy had forgotten about her and  I kept telling her that the tooth fairy did not reward her as she’s been naughty. Childhood memories are forever etched in our memories. So tonight while it is still fresh in my memory after typing this blog post, I better put a dollar under her pillow and let her get a happy surprise tomorrow morning!

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