Would You Do That?

I saw this cute and colorful boy’s urinals in one of the online stores in Facebook today.  This reminded me of an incident where I saw a lady at a coffee shop with 3 boys. The youngest is a boy who is about 2 years old.  Everyone in the family were well dressed and seemed well to do. While waiting for the food to come, I just could not help staring at this interesting family and comparing it to my own family. While I have 3 girls, this family has 3 boys, interesting!   Half way through feeding her son, this lady fished out a mineral water bottle from her handbag.  Then she stood her toddler son on the chair, pulled his pants down and place his baby carrot (that’s what Cass refers the birdie to LOL!) into the mineral water bottle.  After peeing, she screwed the cap back onto the bottle, put the mineral water bottle into a plastic bag and kept the bottle in her bag ROTFL!!  My jaw almost dropped and I gasped as this lady did this so nonchalantly.   She must have done this with her 2 older sons too.  But to do this in public, oblivious to who is surrounding you and where you are? She should have brought the son to the loo or at least near the loo and not just let the son pee on the dining table chair in front of all other family members who were having their meals… and other patrons next to you who were eating too. Yup this is so convenient and cost you nothing — no need to buy diapers and no need to walk to the smelly loo. But please do not do it in the middle of a fully packed restaurant la.

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