Method To The Rescue Contest – Extension of Give-Away Contest!

So the kids and I have been using Method hand wash for a few weeks now, and I must say the scent and the pretty colours have really won the entire family over. Not only do the hand washes look and smell good, they do the job perfectly – clean our hands thoroughly.
I looked up the company behind the soaps and was quite amazed by what I discovered. Did you know the founders of method are actually 2 thirty-something school mates, one with brand campaign experience and one with a chemical engineering degree from Stanford? I can certainly see where method the baby gets its characteristics from – earth friendly cleaning products with ultra-chic packaging! They’ve gone from hand washes to floor, bathroom, toilet cleaners and all-purpose ones.

Did you know?

Good Guide awarded Method hand wash (and other products) a score of 8.5 out of 10.

– The hand wash was launched in 2002 and is Method’s best selling item (they call it a best smeller :D)

– Method cleaners remove dirt by breaking the bond between dirt and the surface so it is easier to wipe away. Normal cleaners remove dirt by breaking it down with chemicals.

– Method has wicked good videos, sure to brighten up your day. Check out

– Most users are so bowled over by method’s looks and great smell and that it does the job well, that they forget that it’s an eco-friendly product as well. According to method co-founder Adam Lowry, “to us, sustainability and green are just aspects of the quality of our product – they are not a marketing positioning … I mean everything should be that way. Just build it into the quality of the product and let the experience of the product be the real hero.”

– Over 60 method products have Cradle to Cradle certification, which is an American comprehensive certification for sustainable design and production. Cradle to cradle evaluates product design (formulation ingredients and packaging materials), the manufacturing process and social responsibility.

– Co-founder Ryan Adam’s mum did not take them seriously at the start. She said “you don’t even make your bed and you’re going to start a cleaning company?” She is now a Method convert and their No.1 fan. Ryan is still a messy boy, though.

– Ryan once drank method toilet cleaner! There’s proof that the products are non toxic.

I read good reviews about the floor cleaners too. Can’t wait to try them out for myself. Keep you posted!

Oh by the way, if you want to win some Method products for youself, for your loved ones or for your friends, you can do so in a give-away contest. The contest has been extended and deadline for submission of your entries is on 13 December 2012! Just click on the link to my earlier blog post and write your short story to stand a chance to win some great Method products!

Range of delectable household cleaning products from Method.

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