Post Holiday Blues

We were back in KL yesterday after being away for 10 days.  Since my first step into the house, I have been working non-stop.  I hate being away from my nest for too long. Hate the dusty floors, table and kitchen tops and hate changing the bedsheets.  Hate doing the laundry. I need 2 days to clean up and tidy up in order to have a clean house once again. Called up my part-time maid for SOS relief.  She turned up albeit being sick but did a slip shod work of only wiping the floors and helping me to clean up the kitchen for 2 hours. I sent her back quickly, lest she spread her germs to my kids and I.   Now that my mil is away for a few months, I have even lesser time to be online.  As I am typing this, I still have a few invoices to churn out for my customers, soup is not boiled, lunch is not prepared, water not boiled and my luggage bags are still all over the living room floor, gawd!!!  Fridge is also empty.  HEADACHE!!

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