Menu of the Day

My very simple, healthy and wholesome menu of the day : 10 Dec 2012…

1) Fruits (oranges and apples) and half an hour later – milk
2) piping hot porridge with pork, dried oysters, dried scallops and red dates, cooked for 10 hours from 9pm last night to 7:30am this morning in the slow cooker
3) bread with homemade kaya

1) Egg mayo sandwich with sliced cucumber. Cass helped to mash the eggs 🙂
2) Fresh coconut water

1) Steamed kampung chicken drumsticks with sea salt, red dates, goji berries (gei chi) and a dash of Chinese cooking wine
2) Ipoh style crispy bean sprouts (blanched for less than a minute and add a dash of sesame seed oil, soy sauce, fried garlic oil and chopped spring onions)
3) Braised chicken feet with mushrooms (the girls’ koo por cooked this last night)
4) Served with left over porridge from today’s breakfast or rice (for my fan thoong Alycia)

Planning to cook pork ribs porridge or chicken porridge for breakfast tomorrow. I am now nursing Alycia’s phlegmy throat, so I am trying to keep her on a diet that’s free from deep fried food and oily food.

As I am typing this post, Alycia and Sherilyn are now clearing the dining table and helping to wash the dishes after lunch… without being paid!  *smug smile with chin up*

I am giving myself a big pat on my shoulder for dishing all these out despite the fact that I am now maidless and still have a business running plus 3 blogs and ads to write.  Plus it is the long school hols now and I have 3 rambunctious monkeys at home to entertain * wide satisfied grin *

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