Little Helpers

In order to earn their outings and rewards, my little ones not only have to help out in house work but work from my online store as well.  Alycia was the most helpful and was very swift in unpacking the stock from the parcels when they arrived on Monday. Her stock checking skill was impeccable too and she managed to help me tally the stock received against my record… over 150 pieces of them without much sweat. She has definitely inherited my attention to details and accuracy plus points.  After she had tallied the numbers and sorted them according to the designs, I spent 2 days checking the clothes and sending them out.  It ain’t easy at all when I had to cook and do house work at the same time without any helpers.

And this princess wannabe could not be happier and satisfied with this princess gown that I ordered for her *rolls eyes*! I wonder if we would have any wedding dinners to attend next year…else she could wear this during CNY, her birthday and for X’mas next year haha!  Then the dress will sit in the closet for 4 years before Cass could wear it. But I think I would have given it away already, before yellow stains appear on the dress.

And the littlest Princess Wannabe wanted to try on one of the sexy Toga dresses too.   Too bad Alycia has no interest AT ALL in dresses and princesses * sobs*


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