Eve Of X’mas Eve – 23 Dec 2012

On the eve of X’mas Eve 2012, we had planned to go to Ikea to get some stuff for our little nest.  The kids wanted to eat at the Ikea Cafe too BUT when we saw the crazy crowd at the entire Ikea, we detoured and walked across to The Curve. It was only 10ish am but the crowd was horrendous!

As we were all famished, we headed to Marche The Market Place @ The Curve as the place was not too packed and we needn’t have to wait too long for food to be served.

After lunch, we went for a movie and watched Hobbit, The Unexpected Journey. Actually I find spending 2 hours in the cinema pretty boring and a waste of time as I am no big fan of movies.   I’d rather go shopping but since I knew the hubs could not handle the 3 girls all by himself, I had to force myself to enjoy the movie as well.  However, when the ticketing staff told me that the duration of the movie was 3 hours, I flipped and told the hubs that I will definitely snooze off during the movie LOL! And I was surprised that I only dozed off for about 10 minutes and not the entire 3 hours as the movie was indeed very interesting, packed with colorful characters, plenty of action and has plenty of gorgeous settings.

The Hobbit, The Unexpected Journey is a movie that establishes the origin point for the events leading up to the Lord Of The Rings. It tells how and where the Ring originated from. And I think there is definitely going to be a sequel to The Hobbit as the ending seems truncated.



This year, our X’mas tree came at a very, very late timing. The hubs who has been terribly busy with his new F&B projects in addition to his catering business only managed to squeeze out some time to ferry the X’mas tree back from his office late last night.  The girls helped him to assemble the tree and decorated the tree till way past midnight.

Here’s wishing all my readers, family and friends a very merry X’mas.  Well, I am glad that the world did not end just yet. It is the beginning of another exciting year for us all 🙂

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