Bitten By The Princess Bug

Just before we left home to attend Sherilyn’s ballet concert on Sunday, I ordered asked the girls to drink water… to which I got this reply from Cass : “Yes Your Highness, I will drink now”… and she darted to the kitchen to drink water which I had earlier poured into her cup… then darted back to me and said ” mu-um, I have drank water. Now, can we leave yet?” in the most polite and princessy voice ever.  The one week we were in Ipoh last week, she was glued to the TV watching Cinderella during her free time. My mum bought the girls a VCD on Cinderella and she watched it over and over again till I could memorize all the songs sung by Cinderella in the VCD LOL!  I think she must have been bitten by the princess fever bug and is now acting like one too lol!!

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