A Bite Of East and West

Had this for breakkie this morning…

My fusion creation of east meeting¬† west — homemade walnut-rye bread with Surgers butter, drizzled with maple syrup from Canada and topped with freshly grated coconut, simply wholesome and yummy!¬† As usual my breakfast will only be complete after downing a hot mug of Japanese matcha.

I am very much a bread person and I prefer bread (wholemeal with nuts and seeds) to nasi lemak and noodles for breakfast. What’s your preference for breakfast?

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2 thoughts on “A Bite Of East and West

  1. I’m also a bread person and my girl inherit this from me too. But once a while I do take Chu Cheong Fun or nasi lemak. But still prefer light breakfast all the time.

  2. We had toast with peanut butter and kaya spread and a mug of fruit smoothie for brekkie this morning. More varieties for breakfast now that we go for our morning walk, we will walk to the neighbourhood stalls some of the days to buy nasi lemak, kuih muih or economy meehoon.

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