HFM’s Angels

This picture is just a run-of-the-mill picture. There is nothing different or special about it.  I did not intend to upload this picture into my blog initially. But when I goggled at it for a little while more, I suddenly remembered that this was what I wanted so badly and had fantasized about 10 years ago.  I told Him during our dark period that I could give up anything if He could grant me just one child. I was not greedy. All I wanted was only one child of my own. You know, when you keep getting negative scans, miscarriage and everything that was unfavorable, you will lose hope and faith above all. The Lord has been kind to me. He gave me not just one but three beautiful angels, albeit I can’t deny the fact that they are a real handful who can torture me mentally and physically everyday. But I have no complaints. I had wanted them so badly so no matter how challenging they are to me, they are gifts and bonuses to me from Him.

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