In Just A Few Days…

… my baby girl will turn 5! Oh how time flies!!  We have gone through loads of ups and especially downs together and every birthday that she gets to celebrate healthily is an occasion that we ought to rejoice.  She already has a birthday celebration plan in her head.  Yesterday, this was what she told me…

Cass – mummy, this year can I celebrate my birthday in school please? I want to bring a cake to school and celebrate with my friends because I have never done it before, can?  Pleassssse?

Me – OK, IF you listen to me and  be good.

Cass – I want a Hello Kitty strawberry birthday cake ok?

Me – It’s hard to find a Hello Kitty strawberry cake.  Do you want a jelly cake?

Cass – NO!  I DON’T like jelly cake!!

Me – what about the green tea red bean cake from RT? (that’s our all-time favorite cake)

Cass – NO! I DON’T like green tea cake from RT!  I only want Hello Kitty strawberry cake!

Me – OK, if you listen to me!  And  where would you like to go to celebrate your birthday? Do you want KFC or McDonalds? Or Japanese? Or Korean food?

Cass – Korean food! Er no, Japanese food! And I want to order Chawan Mushi.  I want a Hello Kitty strawberry birthday cake to celebrate in school and I want Japanese food, mummy ok?

My kids are so lucky for they can plan their own birthday celebration.  35 years ago on my 5th birthday, all I got was only a classic butter or sponge cake with icing and colorful flowers made of  wafer as decor on my birthday cake.  That was already a luxury.  And being able to have dinner at KFC or A&W was like a 5-star meal which my brothers and I would be so grateful and thankful for!

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