Homecooked Meals

Grandma made a batch of pumpkin buns just before dinner.  My bread-crazed Cass announced to grandma that she ain’t going to eat rice and only wanted to eat mien pau (bread in Mandarin) with homemade kaya and cheese.  So while the rest of us had rice with yummy homecooked dishes, Cass had bread and I only nibbled on the dishes, minus the rice.

Our dinner on Wednesday — stir-fried cabbage with julienned carrot, steamed minced pork with water chestnut, french beans omelet and a fried rice left over from lunch.

The mil is away for a few days, so I am back in action in the kitchen again! Tonight I will cook a one-pot dish cum soup of anchovies with spinach and chicken drumsticks.   There is still some porridge left in the pot, which I cooked for lunch.

Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

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