Cassandra’s 5th Birthday Dinner

In 3 days, Baby C will turn 5!!  Baby C is the moniker that I used in my blogs to refer to Cassandra ever since she was born and I stopped using this nick name as I feel that she is too old to be called a baby. But in my eyes, she will forever be my youngest baby girl, the baby girl who has brought me so much heartaches, moments of despair, heart attack moments, stress and yet, so much joy, pride and laughter.

Today being a Saturday, we celebrated her birthday in advance at Xenri D’river View Japanese Restaurant.  We asked her several times where she’d like to have her birthday celebration and she had steadfastly stated that she wanted only Japanese food!

I’ll leave you with some of the pictures that I had taken with my mobile phone camera just a moment ago, thus the not so sharp quality of the pix.

A galore of mouth watering food…

Love this deep fried oysters…

What’s missing in this pic is Alycia, my camera-shy girl and of course the woman who bore these 2 lovely girls for she was busy snapping pix…

It’s all shown in her face. She’s one very happy and satisfied soon-to-be 5-year old girl.

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