Our Sunday – 7 April 2013

Today has been a marvelous day for us. We were not late for church and the girls learnt something new in Sunday School. I accompanied Cass throughout her session spent in Sunday School as she was reluctant to let go of me. I actually enjoy pre-schoolers’ Sunday School very much as I treat it as a refresher class on the bible for me. To recap, the Sunday School teacher told the kids a story extracted from the book of Genesis, on the Tower of Babel. It was a good opportunity for me to reinforce the importance of obedience to Cass, that she has to not only obey God but to obey mummy, else she will be punished like how God punished the people who refused to listen to him and continued building the tower of Babel.

After church, we headed to Bangsar Village for lunch. My main intention of going to Bangsar Village was to support my good friend, Patsy’s charity initiatives of raising funds for the kids of Myanmar. This lady has a heart of gold and she is always on the go, helping the needy. She has been making frequent trips to Myanmar to help the kids of Myanmar in various areas. I met several of my blogger friends at the charity drive – Rachel Toh, Elaine Lee, Syn Nee and another childhood friend of mine. They were all at the charity drive to give support to the organizers and at the same time, to help make a difference to the lives of some needy kids with their purchases.

I spent my entire evening helping Cass and Sherilyn with their homework from Sunday School. While the homework for Cass was pretty easy and fun, Sherilyn’s homework required me to refer to the bible. I whipped up my King James Bible but the words were so small that my eyes were almost cocked lol! So I went online to check for answers, which was such a breeze and super fast too!

The kids are still having their home-cooked dinner of chicken rice now as I am typing this post. I can’t wait to send them all to bed so that I can sit down and relax and do the things that I want to do without any interruption!

Me with Patsy, the lady with a heart of gold and Tessa, her lovely 9-YO who made the felt tissue paper holders that I am holding in this picture. I bought 3 from her stall 🙂

Me with the very lovely Tessa.

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