Our Tuesday – 9 April 2013

Today after my ‘refresher driving lesson’ with hubs, I told him that we should avoid having another fattening breakfast.  I’ve had enough of pastries and sausages from Ficelle for the past one week and I certainly did not want to eat noodles, rice or any carbs.  So after dropping off Cass in school, we stopped at the fruits shop.  He ordered a freshly blended juice while I ordered a whole coconut.  I had eaten fruits at home earlier in the morning.

After our fruit juice breakfast, we walked to the bakery to get her a cake for her birthday celebration  in school later.

When everyone was singing the “Happy Birthday” song to Cass, her expression suddenly turned from happy to one that was on the brink of crying! And she covered her mouth with her palm as if to stifle an outburst of emotions, just like how those beauty queens normally react when they are announced the winner. I thought she was really going to tear but thank God, she soon smiled again when daddy asked her to cut the cake LOL! After school, I asked her if she almost wanted to cry during the celebration in school and she said YES! I asked her if she was overcome with emotions and joy and she said YES! I told her that it is normal to feel this way and then I told her about her birth story and that I also teared when I heard her first cries in the OT exactly 5 years ago today!

Tonight, to make this feel like her day, I will be ordering pizzas to be delivered to our place for dinner. I pray to God that He will bestow my baby girl with good health, happiness and wisdom always.

Happy birthday baby girl! You’ve certainly come a long way to reach this day and I pray that your subsequent birthdays will be filled with happiness and good health too.

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