The Big Girl’s Meltdown

The big girl had a major meltdown this morning from 6am right through to lunch time!  I had blogged that her fever had subsided yesterday but at around 6ish pm, her temperature shot up to 38.6 degrees Celsius again but she was not feeling uncomfortable. She felt pretty normal and had pretty good appetite.  Only her body was very warm, which was partly aggravated by the melting hot weather with a temp. of 35 degrees yesterday.  So the hubs forbade her from going to school.

This morning, when the hubs stopped Alycia from going to school, he unknowingly opened the Pandora’s Box!  Alycia threw into a horrible fit of rage!  She sobbed and wailed and pleaded for us to allow her to go to school.  But the hubs said “NO” and no means no, period!  The big girl bawled uncontrollably which made her daddy angrier.  Thank goodness there is always the indulgent grandma to ‘sayang’ the big girl and pulled her back to her bedroom and tried to comfort her.  The brouhaha this morning was something that is happening pretty often of late.  I had blogged in one of my earlier posts that lately, this big girl is having a hard time managing her emotions and the manner in which she talks to us.  Long story cut short, the big girl went back to bed and cried herself back to sleep. When she woke up, she was still angry with all of us and put on the longest, sulkiest face ever *facepalm*!!

After sending off rascal #2 this morning, I jogged to the mobile market to get a packet of yee mein and prawns to prepare the big girl’s favorite noodles dish for lunch.

A mother knows best. After this delish lunch of yee mein cooked with prawns, squids, fish balls, chicken fillet, veggie and egg sauce, the big girl’s mood was lifted up instantly!

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and I think this adage holds true for kids too! 😉

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