Tragic News

I had a major shock of my life early this morning when I logged in to my Facebook account to read the postings by my friends  on my News Feed.   I could not believe my eyes when I read that one of my customers was stabbed to death by some cold-hearted muggers yesterday evening.  It was the deceased’s sister who posted about the death and her sister is also my regular customer.  The deceased is only in her early 50s and she was such a nice and easy-going customer. The victim died while organizing a Hash Run. She was a massive supporter of Safer Malaysia and was always involved in charity work. She was stabbed 4 times and bled to death by the time her husband arrived and the ambulance took her to UH. They were at Gasing Hill for a Hash Run. Their daughter was with them too.

2 men were on a motorbike and had stopped next to the victim and her daughter. The pillion rider stepped off the bike and immediately stabbed her and tried to take her pouch. She shielded her teenage daughter and before the 2 men could harm the daughter, the young girl ran for her dear life. The daughter witnessed the entire tragedy.

I just cannot fathom why such a good-hearted person has to die at such a young age and in such a tragic and cruel manner. It is my hope that the ruthless murderers will be caught in the shortest possible time, face justice and serve due penance. May they rot in h*ll! I myself was a snatch theft victim and thank God I was not injured, albeit I have now developed a phobia of passing motorbikes whenever I walk or run on the road. And that’s why I always have a pepper spray in my pocket when I run on the road.  The scum was never caught and I never expected that our policemen would be capable of nabbing such criminals. The hubs’ car was stolen twice and in broad daylight on both the occasions! The car thieves were never caught too!  Pray tell how many more Malaysians must suffer and die before our security system wakes up!

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