Hooked On The Wimp

I’ve got a confession to make and I’ll bet you’ll roll on the floor laughing till your stomach aches.  I have always reprimanded my girls not to spend hours on end sitting on the royal throne to perform their business with a book in hand but I am now starting to follow suit my girls’ dirty habit coz I’ve just been bitten by the wimpy bug – I am hooked on my girls’  ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’!

It all started last week when I could not find any interesting reading materials in the bathroom when I performed my daily morning ritual on the throne.  The only book left on the rack was the above green Diary of a Wimpy Kid belonging to Aly and Sher.  So what the heck, I grabbed it and read it anyway.  After just a few interesting pages, I began to realize why my girls can spend over an hour sitting on the throne, just to finish off their  story book.  Plus, the more I read the Wimpy Kid’s The Last Straw, the more I could see how much Alycia is alike the Wimpy Kid!  Just like the wimpy kid in the book, Alycia needs her power nap, she does not like her mummy nagging advising her, she needs sugary food to give her the sugar rush and energy and so much more. I guess most kids her age go through this wimpy kid phase.  Sometimes I get very frustrated when I am unable to reason out things with her and our conversation snowballs into a fireball of heated argument.  I realize that we adults sometimes have to step into our kids’ shoes and try to see through their eyes to understand what they are going through instead of barking right away at their follies.  And I shall continue to hijack my girls’ Wimpy Kid to understand better what goes through the mind of a kid! 😀

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