To Exercise Or Not To Exercise?

To go or not to go? My heart would be screaming and crying out to me to just GO but my body would feel languid, a result of an unpaid sleep debt and rest debt.  This is what I have been going through lately, every morning. Waking up at 4:45am every day can send you into a serious sleep debt.  I admit I have been too pampered with a live-in helper for 10 years and then a very good permanent part-time maid (when the live-in maid left).  Now that both have been taken away from me, I just need some time or perhaps lots of time to program my body to thrive under tougher conditions.

Sometimes, I would succumb to my body’s call and sometimes, my head wins.  Today, my head won over the languishing body and I went out to exercise for almost an hour, including my jog to the mobile market and walked back to my residence carrying 7-8kg of weighty fresh produce. I must say that I have pretty toned arms albeit I have no time to lift dumb bells anymore, *coughs* 😀  My regular carrying of 7-10kg of fresh produce for 15 minutes twice to thrice weekly is enough to ton up and firm up my upper and lower arms.  I am glad I went out for the run this morning.   Exercise has been a part of my health regimen since 13 years ago, when I found out that I had PCOS.   I need my exercise to stay sane, healthy and most of all, to keep those muffin tops out of sight when I don on my jeans or skirt.  But instead of exercising 7 days  a week like I used to during those heydays when I was blessed with maids, I now try to fulfill a 5-day exercise week to keep myself in top form, mentally and physically.

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3 thoughts on “To Exercise Or Not To Exercise?

  1. Housework and carrying groceries are certainly exercise, so I wouldn’t beat oneself up for missing a few sessions of “formal” exercise. The essential thing here is to MOVE!

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