Projects Weekend

I thought I could have a relaxing weekend but it turned out to be a busy one for me.  I spent my Friday night, Saturday and Sunday helping Alycia and Sherilyn  with their school project. Alycia’s Kajian Tempatan project was on the different types of houses found in Malaysia and Sherilyn’s Science project was on objects that emit light.

As it was the girls’ first project, I had to teach them from scratch on how to google for the pictures and information. Alycia needed about 10 pictures and Sherilyn needed about 20 pictures of those objects.  After googling for the pictures, Alycia and I spent almost an hour on Friday night, trying to figure out how to switch the keyboard on the laptop from English language to Chinese.  Again, I googled for instructions but that did not help.  I also sought help from a good blogger friend. She too gave similar instructions and we had no success either. Finally, Alycia found a  really tiny icon at the bottom centre of the task bar and voila, SUCCESS and VICTORY! She was jumping in joy when she finally discovered how to do it.  It is always hard to find that little small button, you get what I mean? But when you find it, voila, happiness muahahahah! 😉   And I wonder why no one ever posted in the internet that all it takes is only a click on the tiny little button on the task bar to switch languages on the keyboard?!

After the girls were done with saving their project files in a thumb drive from the laptop, I tried to open the files on my desktop so that I could print them out from the printer attached to my desktop but shoots, all that appeared on my desktop were funny symbols, a sign that the laptop and the desktop had programs that were incompatible!!  The words appeared nicely but the pictures were a messy cluster of weird symbols.  Long story cut short, we skipped church and I spent the entire morning re-doing the girls’ projects for them on the desktop, at lightning speed.

Check out how horribly messy the dining table was yesterday, covered with tuition books, school books, project papers, food, tea cups, laptop, gawd, such an eye-sore sight.  Thankfully Alycia is a neat and clean freak and she is always the one who would tidy up the table before dinner.  The other 2 rascals can even eat at the table with plates and bowls placed on top of the books, which often makes me holler at them!

Both Alycia and Sherilyn managed to complete their projects on time, for submission today, albeit we had to stop to entertain some guests who dropped by for dinner yesterday, phew!  And Sherilyn left the dining table  filled with sticky specks of colorful glittery pen dust. She did clean up the table but as always, I had to clean up again after her cleaning up!

After going through 3 days with my girls on their school projects, both the hubs and I agree that our next project is to buy another desktop and printer to prevent another tug of war, which sounded like a real domestic war when Alycia and Sherilyn argued  and fought with each other over my desktop and printer!

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