Helping Alycia To Improve Her Karangan

Alycia has fared pretty well in her third term exam recently. Her class position is number 2 again and standard position is within the top 30 among close to 300 Year 4 pupils.  She scored As for all her subjects except for a B in her BM Penulisan paper.  She did not score well in her Karangan. In fact, I almost fell off my chair when I saw the marks on her Karangan paper.  It was a 14/30 which is a fail!  Surprisingly, she scored the highest mark (93/100) again in her BM Pemahaman paper.

Karangan has always been her weakest of all the subjects and sections, mainly because she dislikes reading story books and newspapers in Malay, with the exception of Malay comics.  It is important that she reads books on ‘Contoh Karangan’ (which I have several) but getting her to do it is a story of its own. This girl can be as stubborn as a mule sometimes and drives me ballistic.  Everyday, I feel like I am being a pain in her neck, nagging her to read her Contoh Karangan books. On days when she has the time, she will reluctantly read a topic which I pick for her. But on most days, she will be bogged down with homework from school. If the hubs and I have the moolah, sending my 3 girls to a private school or an international school does not even require a second thought from me.

Yesterday, I tried to tweak my approach in getting Alycia to write a Karangan.  Last night, I saw her writing her diary in Chinese.  Her class teacher (who is a very dedicated and caring teacher, which is a rare breed in Government schools these days) has been advising her class to write a daily journal in Chinese to help them improve their Chinese Composition proficiency.  When I saw her penning her diary in Chinese, I advised her to do the same in BM.    She was a tad reluctant again. I told her that it can be a 3 to 4- sentence entry and not a lengthy one as the crux is to train and wire her brain to write proper sentences in the Malay language so that in time to come, Malay words can pour out from her brain in a smooth flow.  Today, I managed to cajole her into writing her first diary entry in Malay *satisfied grin*     It was an entry on how she felt after reading about the news on the fatal bus accident that happened in Genting Highlands yesterday.  After the first diary entry in Malay, she felt proud of her little achievement and she has already told me what she wants to write next tomorrow 🙂

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