Our Wednesday – 28 August 2013

Yesterday was the MIL’s last day with us before her departure to Hong Kong today.  She will be in Hong Kong and New Zealand for several months.  Our kitchen was closed the whole of yesterday and we had dinner at a nearby restaurant as she wanted to spend time doing last minute packing.

While we were waiting for our food to arrive at the restaurant, Alycia did her homework, with full concentration  and not the least distracted when her 2 younger sisters were noisily watching a funny movie on daddy’s phone.  Yesterday was extra curricular day in Alycia’s school  and she only came home at 4:30pm. After a nap (this girl can only function if she takes a nap in the afternoon. Devoid of a nap, she can be the nastiest, grumpiest and most cantankerous girl ever) , she tried to quickly finish off a part of her homework and had to bring some along with her to the restaurant.  Back home, she hurriedly took a shower and then continued with her homework.

This is a typical lifestyle of a Year 4 student in a Chinese school. Homework load is always heavy and even heavier if you are from the top 2 elite classes.   I think Alycia has no problem with this level of academic stress but the same cannot be said for Sherilyn.  They both have characters and personalities that are a polar opposite.

Effective tomorrow, the role of chef will be relegated back to me, for the next few months. A few months ahead of her departure, I had already typed out on my computer a long list of easy-to-cook dishes (with links to the websites to get the recipe) and this Menu List is still being updated with new dishes added every week. After being pampered with a good chef and baker for half a year, I need time to warm up now to get myself back in action again in the kitchen. Wish me luck!

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