Kunyit Durians For Breakfast

The hubs called last night saying that he will be late. He had to wait for his basketball ‘kaki’ friend to bring some superior durians.  Oooh, that was music to my ears!  He knows I love durians.  Durians is indeed the king of all fruits and food.  The other day, my girls asked me what was my favorite food. I thought about it long and then I remembered durians and told them that if they ever want to give me something that I really like, it has got to be durians 😀

This morning, I starved myself before I went to the gym. Then after gym, starved myself and took a shower.  After hubs fetched Cass to school, I quickly put the coconut milk, eggs and sugar into the slow cooker to make kaya.  Then I took my stash of Kunyit durian out from the fridge and whacked 5 segments.  Wanted to whack 1 more but, I did not want to torture myself till I  burp out half regurgitated durians the whole day *gross*!  The flesh of Kunyit is SO thick, creamy and sweet.  Nothing like kampung ones.   These days, superior varieties like Kunyit, Musang King, Red Prawn and XO can cost you a bomb, like around RM30 to RM40+ or even more for a whole durian.  If there are 10 segments in the durian, it means each segment costs RM3 to over RM4!  It is just as expensive to indulge in durians as it is on sharks fins soup or birds’ nest soup!

So this was my breakfast this morning and I ate nothing else but 5 large and thick segments of the rich Kunyit durian, which filled me up up until now and it is lunch time now.  Do check out the bright yellow color of the Kunyit durian, as yellow as turmeric, hence the moniker.

I think I will just settle with just 2 slices of wholewheat crackers to go with my hot from the pot homemade kaya for lunch today.  The girls will eat lasagne that their grand uncle baked.

Do you splurge on durians from the ‘superior’ breed too? Or regular ‘kampung’ ones can satiate your crave?

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