My Daily Fitness Regimen

I hardly bring along my mobile phone with me when I exercise in the morning as it is too cumbersome to pocket a phone bigger than my palm in my shorts or waist pouch when I run. Today, I started a tad late to exercise as it was drizzling and the gym is the only place I could go to… but we can only gain entry into the gym at 7am. So I brought along my mobile phone to snap a picture of this….

The above air walker is literally reserved for ME from day one as no one but ME would be in the gym yet the moment we can gain entry into the gym with our access cards at 7am sharp.

At 7am, the gym is normally devoid of fitness junkies except for me or my hubs if he does not have to leave the house early to work.  So I will normally have the gym all to myself, while I read my newspapers and exercise on this air walker. I can even let out whatever vile sounding gases from my upper and lower tract without fear of embarrassing myself muahahahahahaaaa!!

If you have yet to resolve to start on an exercise regimen to keep yourself trim, fit and healthy, do start today. You do not have to sign up with a well-known gym for thousands of bucks. I do not believe in splurging a lot of money to lose weight.  A simple walk or run round your neighborhood at least 4-5 times in a week costs you nothing but you have everything to gain from this healthy regimen 😉  And oh yes, always remember to cut down on your food portion and stay away from unhealthy food.  Where there’s a will, there’s always a way, trust me.

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3 thoughts on “My Daily Fitness Regimen

  1. fitness mom!!! I am too lazy to start my fitness regime … so sienz … will start when weather turns colder …

    the gym looks great!!

  2. wah daily exercise, you are so hard work. Hope I can be the same like you. I hardly exercise but recently trying to claim staircase up to our apartment 🙂

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