Little Miss Social Butterfly

Little Miss Social Butterfly has parties and activities lined up this school holidays. Yesterday, she had a birthday party to attend. In the morning, BY – Sherilyn’s BFF since pre-school came to our house to have a pre-party girly preparation. BY helped Sherilyn paint her finger nails and choose her clothes for a ‘fashion show’ event at the party!  The birthday party was held at the pool-side and the bunch of 8-year olds did some water playing too.

Next week, the enrichment centre that Sherilyn goes to is organizing a trip to Kidzania.  Both Sherilyn and Alycia will be attending.  On the 19th, the enrichment centre will be throwing a X’mas party and little Miss Congeniality has been reminding me of this party every single day!

After our trip from Singapore, BY’s mother will be throwing a party and we will be attending too.

Just two weeks ago, Sherilyn attended a birthday party of another friend.

Sherilyn is only 8 and her list of parties and activities out-number mine and her sisters!

Now, Sherilyn wants to join her BFF in a hip-hop dance class. This I am very eager as well but she has too many activities as of now.  She is still learning ballet. So for now, I have not decided if I should let her join the hip-hop dance class.

My girls are all singer wannabes. They are always at You Tube watching and listening to the latest pop hits. They dance and sing alongside the singers.  Even Cass has jumped onto the singing bandwagon with her sisters.  She can sing Katy Perry’s Roar very well and they love Miley Cyrus as well.  A few nights ago, my eyes almost popped out when I saw them watching Miley Cyrus’ very sexy (and appalling) moves on You Tube over and over again!   Oh my, my girls are behaving like they are teens thought they are still quite far from being teens. And my princess wannabe now tells me that she wants to be a singer when she grows up *face palm*!

BY and Sherilyn’s birthdays are just 1 day apart. And I think they do have a slight resemblance in their facial features as well.



I ordered some KFC for the kids for lunch yesterday.  Seeing how happy they were reminded me of my happy childhood too, with my bunch of neighbors, who were all boys but I blended in very well with them (thus I was very tomboyish back then) and I still miss them at times.




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5 thoughts on “Little Miss Social Butterfly

  1. Oops…hope not the wrecking ball video! I was pretty shocked when I saw Miley’s latest image (after the infamous twerking concert) In my mind, she was the sweet little girl on Hannah Montana. Such a bad influence on kids. Told hubs I felt soooo old 😉

    Sher is so lucky to have so many activities!

  2. I noticed that BY had medicure … Your vainpot didn’t ask for it?

    Oh, not Miley Cyrus!!I I totally despise her. Such a bad example to her fans and younger kids …

    Oh KFC … bring back memory … I used to have it once in a blue moon …

  3. Chew Lee, thankfully Sher did not ask me for manicure! But I’m sure she’ll be very happy if I were to offer her. I think it’s quite a waste of money – to spend close to RM40 on manicure for kids 😛
    Yeah, I have now banned my girls fr watching Miley Cyrus’ MTVs – too x-rated for kids!

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