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In commenting to my earlier post on ‘Quirky Freaky Bloke’, one of my readers commented that I should bring a can of air freshener to the gym to deodorize the air if the quirky  bloke farts again.  Hmmm, perhaps I should do just that, instead of stepping down from the machine to leave the gym.  Why should I leave, right? I should walk around the gym to spray air freshener in front of the young fart the next time he  farts LOL!

Speaking of sprays, this reminded me that there is another freak in the gym who brings along a can of spray with him every time he uses the gym.  The first  time I saw him whipping out a bottle of disinfectant spray from his bag, both my eye brows raised so high I think they almost touched my hair line!   I was on the air walker and this 50-something year old Eurasian uncle (married to a Chinese woman) used the other air walker next to mine.  After he put his bag on the floor, he whipped out a huge bottle of disinfectant and started to spray on the handles of the air walker!  GAWD, I almost fell off the air walker trying to stifle my shock.  After spraying all over the handles of the air walker, he whipped out a piece of cloth to wipe the handles meticulously.  I thought I am a clean freak with OCD, which no one can live with but this uncle, he beat me to it!   Wait a minute, my eye brows raised even higher when I saw that the piece of cloth was wrapped up nicely in a plastic bag! HA HA HA!!   My hubs is always complaining that I am a plastic bag freak as I use plastic bags quite a bit. I think this uncle beat me to it once again LOL!  I may have OCD and am only very clean at home, but I will never bring a bottle of disinfectant to spray gym equipment and outside furniture.  I think I am going to invite this uncle to my unit one day. We should have some interesting topics to talk about haha!



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5 thoughts on “Clean Freak

    1. Shir Lin, I used to use wet wipes only to wipe bb chairs and tables. I also bring my own bowl, cup and cutlery. You’re a clean freak too lol!

  1. Just last week, I went to my boy’s primary school. While waiting for him at the canteen, there was this lady around mid 40s, walked towards the table I was sitting, took out a bottle of disinfection liquid and cloth to wipe the part of table and bench she will be sitting on.

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