It Finally Rained Cats And Dogs!!

Many of us take for granted what comes down from above like the rain and the sunshine. But ever since the prolonged drought and water rationing exercise carried out in almost every part of the Klang Valley in 1998, I have treated rain water as a very precious natural resource. Each time it rains, I am thankful. Water reserves in the Klang Valley are like a time bomb. With time ticking away, the water levels will hit almost rock bottom. Then comes the explosive horrid news of having to live our hot, humid and dry days with no water or only with water flowing from our taps once every two days! Living in our country where drought is inevitable, we are faced with the threat of water rationing every single year. Every year, we the Klang Valley folks will be living in fear twice a year during the drought and hot season.

This evening a miracle happened. It rained!! And a very heavy one too, albeit only for less than an hour. But that’s better than nothing. I think God must have heard all our desperate calls to him. And I hope that the rain fell at the right place at the dams. The much awaited rain has brought a little respite to us. It has washed away some of the heat and haze but our problem is still not completely solved yet. The water rationing exercise has started and according to the schedule, my area will have water today and tomorrow. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the taps will go as dry as bone. The water that we have stored in our containers can only last us for a day. Hopefully the stationary water tankers at our condo building are enough to last for a day, else we would have to find a place to shower or in worst case scenario, buy bottled mineral water to bathe!!

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