DIY Survival Skills

For the past three days, our part-time maid was unable to come. The past three days had been hectic, with us busy storing water, carrying pails of water, carrying buckets of semi-clean water (we recycle water that we use to bathe) to flush toilets and doing household chores. School shoes were not washed this week but who cares la, as long as they are not charcoal black, they can still wear them to school. Oh, Alycia’s prefect shoes are black, so it does not matter anyway, whether they are washed or not ha ha!

Last night, I woke up at 2am with this nagging ache on the muscles of my left hand. It must have been caused by over carrying and pouring the tub of shower water into another pail (to be used to flush toilets). Today, my hands and legs felt stiff and achy, as if I have been lifting 10kg weights in the gym for days, fark!

With the first term exam starting  next week, Alycia is still required to help out in household chores, albeit very lightly. Last night she helped to wash the dishes, cleaned her own room and ironed her uniform.  I believe that time management is very important. In times when there is no help from the part-time maid, this means no TV and reduced leisure time. And a child has to learn to DIY in survival skills like cooking, sewing, washing and ironing. I am now training my girls in this department.

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I have not done any revision with Alycia yet. I am leaving the Chinese based subjects all to her Mandarin tutor and am only guiding her  in BM and English.  I am only going to start revising with her this weekend.  Thankfully Sherilyn who is under the KSSR system only has exams twice yearly vs. Alycia who is in the KBSR system who still has exams four times a year.  I still have two more months of breather before the three girls sit for their mid term exam in May at around the same time!

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