My Baby Girl

Cass’ morning ritual is to drink a glass of yoghurt drink before she sits on the throne, brushes her teeth, takes a quick shower and off she goes to kindy. This morning, as with other mornings, she dilly dallied a wee bit. Before I went into the bathroom to shower, I told her to quickly gulp down her yoghurt drink and as soon as I am out, in she’ll go into the bathroom to do her morning dump on the throne. But when I was out from the bathroom, I saw her still seated at the dining table and she was clipping her toe nails. I was fuming mad as she was already running late. Before I barked at her, it suddenly dawned on me that what my baby girl was doing ain’t wrong. She was merely clipping her toe nails as I am always too busy to clip her finger nails and toe nails for her. And she did not bug me to help her clip her nails.

Cass learned how to clip her finger nails and toe nails at about 4 or 5 years old and she could do it immaculately too. I am pretty proud of Cass. She learned to eat on her own when she was about 1.5 years old unlike her two sisters who both had a kakak to feed them till they were about 3 or 4 years old. Cass could do many things on her own without my help. Mummy is always tied down with a chore and with work. So she has learned to do things on her own to meet her own needs. This girl is a fighter, a fighter in her own right. She fights for her life and has beaten all odds and she also fights like a fighter cock with her sisters!



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