Our Saturday – 15 March 2014

On a hot and humid Saturday morning today, the girls had a Skype video call with Sarah ku ku (hubs’ youngest sis) from Hawaii.

Sarah kuku showed the girls her collection of seashells collected from the shores of Hawaii and they were all ooooing and aaaaing when they saw the huge and pretty seashells. She promised the girls that she will give them some of the seashells, which grandma will bring back from Hawaii next month. Yup, grandma will be flying off to Hawaii in a few days, which means that I will have no more help in the kitchen for over a month.  Oh well, I am used to it anyway 😉

Check out Alycia doing her Caligraphy homework. I hate it whenever Alycia and Sherilyn bring home Caligraphy for homework  as there will surely be dried black paint flakes flown everywhere onto the floor, which means I have to break my back to clean up. One time, Alycia spilled her bottle of ink all over the floor, with the ink splattered onto my cupboard, dining table and chairs and clothes!!

skype with Sarah 15 Mar

There is still no news on the missing MAS airplane that went missing since last Saturday and today is the 7th day that it disappeared into the thin air (or deep blue sea).

On a happier note, there are beautiful clouds in the BLUE skies today and the haze is gone, YAY!!!  Thank you to the strong winds today.  Finally we can open up our sliding door and windows to breathe in fresh air! And our clothes need not smell as if they were taken out from the chimney.  Now, we have to pray for RAIN to pour on our severely dry land, failing which a Water Emergency will be declared soon!

Happy weekend everyone and let’s pray that the missing MAS airplane will be found ASAP.

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