Our Typical Sunday Evening

Each time we have a heavy lunch on a Sunday, the girls would tell me that they only want to have something really light for dinner, like salad, sandwiches or leftover food that we had for lunch. But each time we have a light dinner on a Sunday night, the girls, especially Alycia would feel uneasy afterwards.  After walloping her light dinner, she would  be searching our two fridges, to look for ‘real food’.  And we would always end up with a bowl of instant noodles with eggs, sans the sachet of flavor enhancer.

Yesterday, we had lunch at Han Room @ Gardens. Three hours later, hubs brought us to Ippudo to have Japanese food. When it was time for dinner, the girls were not a wee bit hungry.  We had  herbal eggs that I bought from Purple Cane and Sherilyn whipped up some avocado cucumber onion salad, to go with bread. As usual, Alycia felt uneasy after dinner and rummaged through the fridges again and we ended up having instant noodles again!  This time, I cooked the noodles with our leftover chicken + abalone soup which the MIL boiled the night before. I whacked in two eggs, pepper and sea salt and the 3 girls wolfed down the bowl of noodles in a jiffy, burped and said that this is what they call real food, LOL!

I told Alycia that the next time we have a heavy lunch on a Sunday, I will just takeout a packet of fried rice or fried noodles before we leave the mall coz if I don’t, we will most likely end up eating instant noodles for dinner again. Too much of instant noodles is bad, though I never use the sachets of MSG.

Our yummy Korean instant noodles cooked with chicken + abalone soup, two eggs and chicken meat from the soup sans MSG. So delish was our not so unhealthy instant noodles!

Instant noodles 16 Mar 2014



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