Emotional Day

Today is an emotional day of sorts for me. The news of the ill-fated missing MH370 MAS airplane last night and what I read from today’s newspapers have been very depressing. The cover page of The Star newspapers is black today. Pictures of the relatives and kin of the passengers on board MH370 crying and wailing are already enough to well up my eyes.

Flipping the next few pages of the newspapers made me even more emotional and chilling. A mother and her 2 toddlers died in a car crash yesterday. Her 1 year old daughter (who was SO cute as shown in the picture in the newspapers) was flung out of the car and then ran over by a lorry! Oh God, why does this have to happen? In another news that I read from the newspapers, a 17 year old boy from a well known school in PJ was pinned to death under the school bus that he was traveling in, in an accident after their school trip yesterday. After reading the fourth or fifth page of the newspapers, I told my girls that I ain’t going to continue reading. They can have the newspapers all to themselves (we often fight for the newspapers). There is just too much heartbreaking news and I ain’t going to let all this spoil my day.

I turned on the TV to listen to Mix FM on Astro but all the songs that have been playing have been only slow and sad songs, as a mark of respect and solemnity. I logged into Facebook and everyone has been posting news on the MH370 airplane that is now ‘confirmed’ somewhere in the vast Indian Ocean. Postings and Tweets by the wives, children and parents of the lost passengers onboard MH370 made me teary eyed again. One woman from China screamed and wailed that she lost her entire family (no thanks to China’s 1-child policy). She lost her only son, her daughter-in-law and grandchild — her dreams, her love and her hope — all lost in an airplane 🙁

I better stop being too emotional and stop spending too much time on the computer. Dinner is not fixed yet and I have no mood to whip up anything special today. I still have to fetch Sherilyn back from the enrichment centre and stop at the mini mart to buy some veggies. I SO WISH for a maid to turn up at my door step right now!! To help me whip up a meal, wash the dishes and iron our mountain high pile of clothes!!

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