Touch & Go Weekend in Ipoh

We went back to Ipoh for a short weekend stay yesterday.  Within 24 hours, we managed to celebrate my 21st birthday and brought the girls to the graveyard for Tomb Sweeping day early this morning… and of course got roasted under the ferocious sun when we reached the third and last tomb to pay respect to hubs’ late dad.  We  stayed in Ipoh for exactly 24 hours and much as we would like to stay longer, we had to rush back to KL early in the afternoon to beat the bumper-to-bumper crawl on the highway.  The girls week-long holiday has ended today.

Here’s my birthday cake from Ipoh’s well-known JJ Cakes and Swisssroll.  My dad got me my favorite cempedak flavor sponge cake. But we were all disappointed with the cake this year as the quality of the cake has dropped!  In the past, JJ’s swiss rolls and cakes had generous chunks of flavorful cempedak flesh.  This time, all we got was only cempedak paste which definitely lacked the cempedak oomph power.  I hope JJ polish up their recipe, or they will loose their long-time loyal customers.



Here’s my loving papa lighting up the candles on my birthday cake.   Moments like this is priceless. My dad is 71 this year and we only get to see my parents 3-4 times in a year. My girls love going back to Ipoh to bond and rekindle their love with koong koong and granny. I pray that my girls and I get to do this for many, many more years to come.

My baby girl surely knows how to capture my heart.  She knows that I love prawns and crabs but HATE the peeling job.  Since early this year, she has taken over my role and she told me that I do not have to do the prawn and crab shell peeling and cracking job anymore.  She does all the dirty job and then feeds the nicely peeled flesh into my mouth. These days, she will tell me “mummy, let me peel for you and feed you so that your hands will not be stinky”    When she’s good, she is no doubt a God-sent angel and definitely good enough to negate all her monster torment  on me!


Cass feeds me prawns


I was totally taken by surprise when I unwrapped a shoddily wrapped present (with exercise book papers LOL!) to find this hair clip.  My oddball Sherilyn made this for me using an old black hair clip with recycled bling bling flowers that she she has been collecting from dunno when!  But I love it for it was made with love.

Bday pressie fr Sher

It has been a very tiring weekend for me and I look forward to a new week. As usual, I always welcome back the new school term. Though sleeping hours will be lesser, it’s A OK. What’s more important are my ME TIME, my QUIET TIME, some kids-free sane moments to re-allign my state of mind  and I definitely need to reboot my daily morning exercise regimen again!

And I was just kidding. I ain’t no 18-22 or 21 anymore. Check out the  number of candles on my cake 😉

Have a great week ahead peeps! 🙂



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