Mother’s Day 2014

It was two days straight of digging into glorious food at new eateries, starting from Saturday nite through Sunday. For the hubs, there is always no better way to celebrate an occasion than to do it and to show it with good food with his loved ones. On Saturday nite, he brought us to Muugu Garden Bistro, Off Bukit Bintang for dinner. It was a rainy nite and because it was pretty dark and wet that night, it took hubs about 20 minutes making countless rounds at the vicinity of Bukit Bintang to finally locate Muugu. This hidden bungalow restaurant was opened recently near Bukit Bintang and is set in a spacious and serene sanctuary amid the hustle and bustle of the city in the heart of KL. I shall post more pix of our dinner in a separate post, but here’s a picture of Cass and her daddy taken at Muugu on the eve of Mother’s Day…  photo Muugu10_zpsa9246a6d.jpg


On Sunday morning, Sherilyn woke up early to whip up a surprise for grandma and me. It was her signature egg dish with onions and cucumber.

She also bought me a stalk of fake rose from her school at 60sen a stalk and painted this picture in school for me  ♥♥  photo MothersDay2014_zps9d4178b4.jpg

After breakfast at home, we headed to Avenue K.  This time, we decided to try Grandeur Teppanyaki at the Taste Enclave food court and there was not a bit of regret. It was a beautiful dining experience for us and by far the best food court experience sans the heat and oily smoke.  Dining at Taste Enclave gets you to taste the best of hawkers fare and international cuisine in a nice and comfy ambience.  Taste Enclave offers every one of all ages a smorgasbord of menu and taste. We enjoyed every dish whipped up by the Teppanyaki chef. Hubs also ordered items from other stalls and we had a feast of sort at the classy food court. Here’s Cass enjoying her seafood teppanyaki.  photo GrandeurTeppan1_zps753a69d1.jpg


Errr, it was not my idea for Cass to bring along her Math book but entirely her idea as she’s going to sit for her mid-term exam next week. After lunch, we popped over at Popular Bookstore to get Alycia some books. I had promised her that for every 90/100 mark that she gets in her mid-term test papers, she gets a book. And the highlight of the day for the girls was their dinosaur-search experience at Dinoscovery by Dinosaurs Live at Discoveria. Hubs brought the girls to their dino adventure whilst the mil and I went our separate ways doing some retail therapy 🙂 These pictures of the girls at Dinoscovery were snapped by hubs and Whatsapp-ed to me while I was shopping 😀


 photo Dinoscovery1_zpsb469099d.jpg    photo Dinoscovery3_zps84d9800c.jpg      photo Dinoscovery2_zps11b12751.jpg


After the dino-search adventure and shopping, we went to Johnny Rockets to sample their famed hamburgers and hotdogs but we left feeling a tad disappointed as there was really nothing to shout about. Had I closed my eyes and ate a burger from Burger King or McD and a burger from Johnny Rockets, I really couldn’t tell the difference o_O After we left Johnny Rockets, the foodie hubs then hopped over next door to Library to have waffles with ice-creams and coffee *BURPS*!!  photo library_zpsc34ffd9b.jpg


Dinner was homemade Vietnamese beef noodles, made by hubs’ uncle.  And the last highlight for Mother’s Day was the cake, which we only had room in our tummies to eat at 9:30pm, after which I hurried the girls to go to bed as it is a school day the next day. How was your Mother’s Day celebration? Hope you had a swell one too. Here’s wishing my dearest mother, MIL and all you fantastic mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

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