Health Freak Mommy’s Super Healthy Breakfast

Here’s health freak mommy’s breakkie for today 🙂

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Sugar-free plain yoghurt with an assortment of salt-free and sugar-free nuts from Hawaii (pecan, cashew, almond, macadamia) and chia seeds with a drizzle of coconut palm sugar (gula melaka)…

This is not my choice of breakfast actually as I find it a tad plain but each time I get back from a hospital visit, I would vow to eat healthier and cleaner. I think I am already eating pretty healthily (I have weaned myself off deep fried food) but I still indulge in some junk food and unhealthy food several times in a week to satiate my crave for sugar and carbs.  But after my recent trip back from HKL, I can’t help but to appreciate and value my health more.  I told my kids that we must eat healthily at all times, else when we are stricken with some kind of diseases, we would end up spending more money restoring our health.

In my most recent visit to HKL with Cass, I met a young girl who was bald and pale when she was wheeled out from the X-ray room by her parents. She is battling cancer.  I saw many patients with renal failure at the Nephrology Unit. I saw a middle-aged man with a huge growth on his face and many other patients in such pathetic state.  I felt so sorry for them and their loved ones and pray that my loved ones and I will never ever be in a similar condition. I told myself that I have to get my kids, my family and myself  to eat right and clean. Stay away from junks. Keep stress out (TRYING hard!). Get more sleep. Get more exercise.  Laugh more.  Don’t sweat the small stuff and pray more.

Happy weekend peeps and I hope that this post will get you to start eating healthily too 😉



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