Awful Monday

The month of May has always been very challenging for me.  This May, I have a long list of hurdles to tick away from the Awful May list. The biggest hurdle was ticked last week after Cass went for her Urodynamics Test.

I just had my lower tooth no.5 extracted today and gawd, it was one of the worst experiences for me. Besides a miscarriage, an Amnio test when I was carrying Cass and my 3 C-section deliveries, this tooth extraction is one of the most chilling experiences for me. Because of the positioning of the tooth, which was crocked due to lack of space in the mouth, the dentist had to use a dental plier to pull and tug very hard while the nurse pulled my head. I felt like I was in a torture chamber being pulled to death slowly. You know in the olden days in China, criminals were tied to 4 horses and pulled apart to death? I felt just like that just now. When the dentist told the nurse that he could not pull it out, I felt like oh fark, what’s next? Surgery?? More LA jabs?

Finally after 3 jabs of LA, lots of pulling and tugging and head pulling, the tooth was finally pulled out! The whole procedure fr the moment the 3 jabs were administered to the time it was over was over an hour! *sweat & felt like crying*

I felt like crying when I  was seated at the reclining dentist chair waiting for the LA to numb my mouth.  I was totally freaked out. I freaked out as I could still feel pain on the tooth.  Even after 20 minutes I could still feel pain. The dentist did some knocking on the sides of the tooth and since I could feel no pain, he went ahead to extract the tooth.   I was alone at the dentist’s office and I was scared shit!  I think the fear of what was to happen was so much more greater than the pain.  No doubt, it was piercing pain when the LA jabs were administered. The yanking part ain’t that painful but freaking scary. I really did feel like I was going to die from all the yanking of my tooth and pulling of my head!!

I am so relieved that it’s now over. One hurdle ticked.  Three more to go before June rolls in.

Check out the big hole on the tiger’s fang.  Despite brushing my teeth after every meal, decay can still happen. The dentist said that because the tooth was crocked, the position made it very easy for food to be lodged inside.


As I still have another similar looking tooth on the other side, I will have to do a bi-yearly check up of my teeth at the dentist’s office from now onwards 🙁

My diet for today and tomorrow will  be only fruit smoothies, bread and some porridge that I can just swallow without chewing.  My stomach is growling now but I can only see the delish food that my MIL has cooked but can’t eat as the gums are still painful.

On a side note, I LOVE my MIL’s new Blendtec blender.  It can whirl out   3 glasses of smoothie at once at the push of a button and the motor and blades are so powerful. My Shimono can only churn out 1 glass at a time.   Boost Juice and Juice Works use Blendtec too! 🙂

I think the only good thing that I am going to gain from this chilling experience is that I think I will loose some weight. Since Saturday, I have not been able to eat well because of the pain.  Today and tomorrow will just be fruit smoothies. So yes, I hope my mummy tummy will be trimmed as a result of my diet 🙂




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