I Hate The Month Of May!

Darn my twitching right eye lids and eye brows for the past 2 weeks.  Bad things keep happening one after another.  Each time my right eye lid and eye brow twitch, I start to worry.  9 out of 10 times my right eye twitches, someone dear to me or myself are bound to fall sick or get hurt or some misfortunes would strike.

Anyway, after Cass and I had 2 weeks of eye twitching, Cass fell really sick on Friday after she got back from school.  She told me that many of her classmates had headache and fever so I could only surmise that she must have been bitten by those nasty bugs.

Cass had chills for 2 days and her temperature shot up to 39.4 degrees C.    I gave her just 1 dosage of Paracetamol suppository, lots of sponging and lots of clear fluids.

 photo SickCass_zpsef4a64d6.jpg

Cass complained of headache, a very painful throat, a very colicky tummy and constipation, chest pain, ear pain and had eye infection! When it rains, it pours cats and dogs shit!    Everything that could go wrong with her went wrong. Darn the Murphy’s Law! Since Friday, I have not been sleeping well at night. I woke up several times in the night to sponge Cass and to feed her with water.

For her very colicky tummy and constipation which caused her so much pain to the extent that she could not walk, I settled that with a ‘bomb’ aka enema, which I bought from the pharmacy. With just one squirt, she passed out gas enough to inflate a balloon! And she emptied her bowels completely *sweats*

On Saturday, I woke up at my usual time of 4:45am to get the usual chores done. Alycia had to attend a school trip and had to be in school by 7:30am.

On Sunday I woke up at 4:45am again. I felt like I had not slept at all for 2 days straight!! Cass had to be in her sisters’ school by 7:30am to sit for an assessment test for entry into Primary 1. As her sisters’ school is a High Performance school (Sekolah Berprestasi Tinggi / SBT), all pupils entering Primary 1 next year are to sit for this test to gauge their competency level in BM, English and Math.

The throes of motherhood is indescribable! My lady of leisure days seem so so so remote!

While Cass sat for her tests, we parents had to attend a 4-hour long briefing at the auditorium!! Oh fark, 90% of the briefing was conducted in Mandarin and I could not understand 80% of what was being said! I dozed off towards the last one hour of the briefing!

Thank God Cass got well fast enough by Sunday morning to sit for the assessment test.

What made Cass well was Manuka Honey UMF 10+ mixed with extra strength Propolis. I fed her with this concoction 3x a day for 3 days. I also made her gargle her throat with salt water 3x a day. She ate mostly fruits, homemade bread and homemade cake and slept like a new born baby for 2 days.  On Sunday, she told me that her throat did not hurt anymore. Praise the Lord! I really thought that she would have to succumb to antibiotics when I saw how sick she was and how painful her throat was. Thank God I managed to nurse her back to good health naturally, phew!

This is Cass with her classmate, CYM from pre-school at the ‘big kid’s school’ yesterday.   It was a very tiring day for Cass and me yesterday.

With 90% of the difficult hurdles for the month of May ticked, we now have 3 more to go!  Tomorrow I will have to see my dentist again as my gums where the tooth was extracted exactly a week ago still hurts.  Tomorrow is also my appointment with Cass’ Urologist at HKL.  On Thursday, we will have to evacuate our nest to make way for some renovation works in our unit.  And I have not packed a single stuff!  SIGH…

I hate the month of May!!



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